Simone Micheli, Oversea Building

Simone Micheli,



The project with its sibylline subtitle, “A real sustainable story in Chioggia” will be presented at the “Interior Architecture” exhibition at Abitare il Tempo 2010 in Verona September 16 to 20.

Simone Micheli,  Oversea Building

The project architect Simone Micheli has completed for Ghirardon Group with the involvement of a number of important sponsors including Iris Ceramica and Graniti Fiandre has been described by the architect himself as “ a building overlooking the sea with a totemic profile. It is a fragment of matter intended to transform itself into a true icon linked with the dimension of environmental compatibility, capable of becoming a symbol for architectural know-how in the future.” A six-storey construction with simple lines, ring-shaped balconies and a facade like a big painting or backdrop of photovoltaic panels. Micheli says that “The intention of the “Oversea Building” project was to use its expressive power and content to bring pure oxygen into a built context full of stereotyped buildings which are all the same, flat, deaf visual dimensions, defining a new kind of symbol that would be capable of guiding new and different thoughts towards a dimension of ethical beauty”.

Design: Simone Micheli
Rendering: Simone Micheli
Location: Chioggia, Italy


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