Simone Micheli – Home of Simone, Roberta and Cesar Micheli

Simone Micheli,


Porcelain Tile,

Architect Simone Micheli has created a home for his family out of a nineteenth-century building, designing it to focus on man and his senses and giving preference to environmentally compatible materials.

Simone Micheli – Home of Simone, Roberta and Cesar Micheli

Simone Micheli sums up the design of the home the architect built for himself and his family: “[...]I wanted to focus on man and his senses, stimulating them with shapes, images, colours, lights, materials, all combined in a marriage of transcendence and immanence, abstraction and concreteness, dream and reality[...]”. To a nineteenth-century building, all of which remains is the big brick arch and the inside volume, Micheli adds the elements of daily life, only a few significant items of furniture. Colour plays an essential role, as in the architect’s other projects. He chose absolute white for the nineteenth-century structure, for the new walls, for the large porcelain stoneware floortiles from Graniti Fiandre, and for a number of furnishings and paints. Amidst all this white he set brightly coloured, energetic, dynamic items of furniture to characterise rooms and spaces like totems of their function.

Design: Simone Micheli
Photographs: Jurgen Eheim
Location: Florence, Italy


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