Shirish Beri, Spaces inspired by Nature, book

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"Spaces inspired by Nature" is the title of the monograph dedicated to architect Shirish Beri and his 40 year career in architecture and design.

Shirish Beri, Spaces inspired by Nature, book
"Could our quality of life improve if we lived and worked in spaces inspired by nature?" Architect Shirish Beri is convinced it could, and demonstrates it in his work in architecture and design.

The monograph "Spaces inspired by Nature" is the story of 40 years in the profession of architect, of Beri’s preoccupation about man’s progressive alienation from nature and his design work aimed at restoring this relationships.
Shirish Beri’s projects are represented in drawings and images, from the initial idea to its implementation, from the technologies and construction materials employed to the feedback from clients and users.
Shirish Beri’s poems and essays illustrate his thoughts on architecture, on the profession of architect and on the issues bringing together nature, sustainability and architecture.
The book is accompanied by the DVD of his award-winning film "The Unfolding White", which investigates the theme of the uniqueness of life, with reflections on the links between exterior and interior space.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Spaces Inspired By Nature Shirish Beri
Edited by Yashwant Pitkar,
Published September 2013, Super Book House, Mumbai (India)
244 Pages
ISBN: 9789381452011

Images courtesy of Shirish Beri