Senscity Paradise Universe. Las Vegas. Behnisch & Partner

Behnisch Architekten,

Las Vegas,

urban park,

Gigantic metal flowers will protect an artificial oasis in the Nevada desert: Senscity Paradise Universe is a big theme park designed by Behnisch studios on the basis of the criteria of environmental sustainability and energy conservation.

Senscity Paradise Universe. Las Vegas. Behnisch & Partner Seen from above, it looks like a magical garden of stylised flowers. There really is something magical about them, for they shelter the real plants growing underneath them from heat and wind, allowing life to flourish in the hostile environment of the desert.

The enormous metal alloy structures stand on 61 hectares of land housing sports and exhibition facilities, gardens and treed avenues, to create an evocative and highly futuristic atmosphere.
The 30 metre high stems of the flowers will be surmounted by a structure measuring 91 metres in width: a huge corolla of petals to shelter the area underneath them from heat and help generate electricity (an estimated 20,000 Mwh per year).
A series of photovoltaic panels will be applied to the petals, along with solar collectors to help generate thermal energy to run the air conditioning system in summer. And at night the water in the collectors will help provide a good microclimate in all parts of the park as it cools off. A wind turbine in the stem will exploit the power of the wind that often blows through the desert.

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