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Glass, copper,


Design architects: Steven Holl Architects, Justin Korhammer
Associated architects: Rappange Architects
Client: Woningbouwvereniging Het Oosten
Location: 410 Sarphatistraat, Singel Gracht, Amsterdam, Holland
Project date: 1996-2000.
Construction date: 2000.
Renovated surface area: 50,000 sq. ft.
Added surface area: 3500 sq. ft.
Construction materials: perforated bricks, perforated MDF and aluminium sheets.

Sarphatistraat Office The effect by night is different yet, when coloured lights give the whole building a playful appearance intensified by the reflections in the water of the canal.
On the inside, the passage from the renovated old building to the new building is less clear, more mediated. The main access is through the centre of the original courtyard, in the old part of the building.
The new building forms a parallelepiped opposite to the entrance and continues in the direction of the canal, completed by an outdoor pedestrian area along the canal where boats can dock.
Interiors are designed to permit a useful flexibility: most of the building is office space for the Public Housing institution, but the new extension is used for public events.
Introduced by an exhibition space, it opens up into a single space with a gallery which may be used as a restaurant or for conferences and shows.
The lighting and ventilation systems are contained inside the walls, while the underground level is a parking lot for up to 48 vehicles employing an innovative mechanical system permitting vehicles to enter one at a time.

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