SapienStone: the perfect kitchen worktop is made of porcelain


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The choice of kitchen worktop is a very important aspect of kitchen design. SapienStone is the first brand of porcelain designed specifically for worktops and meal preparation areas, whatever the style of the home, restaurant or bar where it is installed.

SapienStone: the perfect kitchen worktop is made of porcelain

Today’s kitchens are increasingly customised, and surfaces both large and small respond to an important practical function in addition to their purely aesthetic one.
Their versatility ensures that meal preparation worktops attract the attention of architects with an interest in technical innovation in materials, such as porcelain stoneware
Porcelain tiles offer unique properties of strength and dependability and are considered one of the most important materials used in contemporary interior design, as well as in their traditional role as wall and floor coverings. 
Designers see kitchen worktops as accessories responding to a number of needs, integrating with different decorating styles while guaranteeing flexibility and maximum practicality for cleaning and hygiene.
All in a space which must fit the needs of today’s society and households, with "a lot to do and not enough time to spend in the kitchen... fast-paced days between breakfasts taken standing up, without enough time to sit down, and last-minute dinners".
SapienStone, the product of half a century of experience of the Iris Ceramica Group, is the first porcelain stoneware brand designed specifically for use in kitchen worktops for home and professional use (in restaurants and bars), as well as for use in the bathroom.
In kitchen design, SapienStone emphasises the importance of the choice of worktop: an element that will not be changed for years, that will be constantly in contact with food and liquids (including acids such as lemon juice and vinegar), as well as with dishes and cutlery that could damage it.
A solid material such as porcelain stoneware is perfect for meeting these requirements for strength and ability to withstand constant stress, even if it is only 1.2 cm thick (it is also available with a thickness of 2 cm.). 
SapienStone can withstand high temperatures (such as hot pans and coffee pots), stains, chemicals, and scratches much better than wood or laminates.
Also suitable for outdoor use, it is not affected by atmospheric agents or sunlight and it can be cleaned with regular soap and cleaning products.
All this is thanks to production techniques employing clays and mineral colours which, after pressing and firing, give rise to a high performance surface without use of any coloured resins or protective coatings.
Colour and shine are typical properties of high-tech porcelain: SapienStone comes in numerous different colours and hues, including the most popular colours for kitchen counters, such as whites, beiges, greys and blacks.
The various sources of inspiration for the material include marble, in the case of Bianco Lasa, the "perfect compromise between luxury and minimalism" for sober yet highly expressive spaces.
Inspired by volcanic rock, Basalt Cream stands out with all the shine of lava, "with its longitudinal stripes and tiny sparkles of iridescent quartz", for a kitchen in delicate hues offering a sense of open space and serenity.

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