Samyn and Partners,
Service station in Houten, Netherlands


In 1997 the oil company ¿Fina Europe¿ commissioned Samyn and Partners to design the Houten service station under a plan for renewal of its facilities.

Samyn and Partners,<br> Service station in Houten, Netherlands The simplicity of the construction scheme for the service station radically changes the character of the roof with respect to those which are commonly used through the effects created by light and by the structure. Ethereal shapes, plastic and yet transparent, surround the entire complex and add life to it in the twilight of sunset and in the dark of night, dotting the ground with colours.
These are yellow spotlights placed at the base of the uprights in the wind barrier at points where cars pass. Much attention has been focused on the theme of infrastructures and their relationship with local forms of settlement in recent years, as well as to processes of transformation of the landscape, viewed as a shared asset.
Samyn and Partners? project definitely fulfils these environmental requirements and qualifies as a masterpiece of modernism.

Floriana De Rosa


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