Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan,

Housing, Offices, Skyscraper,

Steel, Glass,


It cost 4 billion euro, and it is more than just a handsome 55-storey skyscraper: Roppongi Hills is a system of buildings, plazas, galleries, parks and avenues in which people work, live and have fun.

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo According to his theory, contemporary cities ought to expand upwards, leaving more space for green areas and services on the ground and cutting pollution and travel time.
The goal is to create multifunctional integrated complexes within which people can get around easily, from the home to the workplace and to leisure facilities.
This has now been made possible by recent developments in technology, which, as in the Roppongi Hills skyscraper, permits construction of a system of cushions which not only absorb shocks from earthquakes but transform them into energy used for lighting and air conditioning.
According to Mori, this allows us to double time and space, so that homes which would have measured 50 square metres now measure 100, and non-existent gardens become large parks and green areas.
Reconstruction and redevelopment of the urban fabric therefore becomes an indispensable strategy for improving quality of life.

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