Rooftecture K - Shuhei Endo
Nishinomiya City, 2000

Shuhei Endo,




Staff: Aoi Fujioka,Wataru Horie
Construction: April 2000
Use: Offices
Structure: Steel

Rooftecture K - Shuhei Endo<br> Nishinomiya City,  2000 The paramodernist rigour opposed to the fragmentariness of modernism is also preserved in the interior of Rooftecture K. Very few architectural elements are added to the undulated surfaces that define the space: load-bearing pillars and stairs, all inevitably made of steel.
In his architectural career Shuhei Endo has not stopped with this kind of architecture; his ongoing innovation has recently led him to conduct futuristic experiments with materials such as paint or adhesives, allowing him to come up with new forms of architecture (such as Bubbletecture or Growtecture).
The Japanese architect's work is the product of tireless reflection on the relationship between form and matter. In an interview Endo once said: mine is not an architecture of points and lines, but an architecture of thought.

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