Romeow, cat cafe in Rome


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Interior designer Tommaso Guerra has designed a bistro in Rome for people – and cats. He got the idea from Japan’s Neko Cafés; the café offers vegan food and desserts combined with an unconditional love of cats.

Romeow, cat cafe in Rome

In designing the Romeow Cat Bistrot Tommaso Guerra drew his inspiration from the Neko Cafés of Japan, places designed for the comfort of the cats who live in them, where the clients are guests. The key concept behind Romeow is the home: a cosy place with large spaces joined together on one side, and on the other, little corners which are sheltered and sometimes even inaccessible - unless you are a cat.

Six cats live in the café, with free access to all parts of it except the kitchen; there are interesting overhead walkways for them, as well as shelving units and books used as shelves, accessed via a big tree 4 metres tall.
The big windows offer glimpses of tables and chairs, pillows and decorations, more like the familiar atmosphere of a home dining room than a restaurant. The predominance of deep cold hues is balanced by the cosy atmosphere created by classic furnishings and wooden flooring.

Stairs at the back of the room lead to a lounge in a loft containing an area reserved for cats only, which is in turn decorated as a beautiful living room, with plenty of cushions, open trunks and velvet armchairs.

Francesco Cibati

Design: Tommaso Guerra
Year: 2014
Location: Rome, Italy
Photos: Francesco Demichelis



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