Rome, Ecological housing.
Marcello Marocco, Thomas Herzog. 2005

Rome, Morocco,

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31 in Lunghezzina and 25 in Ponte Galera: 56 ecological apartments are to be constructed in two areas on the outskirts of Rome, designed by Marcello Marocco and Thomas Herzog, who won an international competition held by the City of Rome.

Rome, Ecological housing.<br> Marcello Marocco, Thomas Herzog. 2005 "Involucro ben temperato" (Well-tempered cladding) is the name of Herzog's project (two buildings with four floors each), while Marocco's is called "Nomos and phisis" (a single four-storey building). Both of them are strongly oriented toward energy conservation and environmental well-being, relying primarily on natural sources of light, solar energy, water and greenery.
All of these features come together with careful study of forms, materials and organisation of space. Marocco's project has no architectural barriers and uses recycled materials from demolition of other buildings; the new building will be constructed in a way that facilitates recycling when it is in turn demolished, by limiting use of assembled materials.

The project will also incorporate a "greenhouse": a panel of glass behind the walls exposed to the sun, allowing energy to be trapped by the glass and gradually released into the interior. Construction work is due to begin in the spring of 2006 and will take about 18 months.

Laura Della Badia


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