Rogers Stirk Harbour + DA.Studio, new civic centre in Scandicci

Richard Rogers,

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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and DA.Studio designed the new civic centre in Scandicci, opened on November 30 2013.

Rogers Stirk Harbour + DA.Studio, new civic centre in Scandicci

The civic centre in Scandicci is architect Richard Rogers’ first project in Italy. The project is part of a masterplan the town of Scandicci commissioned the architect to provide in 2003 with the aim of resolving a number of urban planning issues.

First of all, the project was intended to give Scandicci a new central focus with construction of a public plaza, complete with a tram station and a series of buildings to host public and private activities.

The buildings designed by architect Richard Rogers are appropriately scaled for their context.
The choice of terra cotta as the building material draws on the Tuscan tradition, interpreting it with a new contemporary twist: the terra cotta is in fact framed with anodised aluminium profiles and set into a concrete and stainless steel frame.
The project includes management offices, a residential building and a cultural centre with multipurpose spaces to host exhibitions, concerts and seminars.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Project: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, DA.Studio
Location: Scandicci (FI), Italy
Images courtesy of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, ph. Alessandro Ciampi


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