Millennium Dome, Greenwich peninsula, London, 1996-1999

Richard Rogers, Zaha Hadid Architects,



The Millennium Dome is located on the Greenwich peninsula, on the southern bank of the Thames. The peninsula was abandoned for over twenty years: previously the property of the British Gas company, the site was purchased and redeveloped by English Partnership.

Rogers-Hadid-Imagination<br> Millennium Dome, Greenwich peninsula, London, 1996-1999 The Dome measures 100 thousand square metres, and was home to most of the exhibitions and events in the "Millennium Experience" throughout the year 2000.
The structure has a circumference of one kilometre, and measures fifty metres high; it is suspended from a group of twelve steel masts, each one hundred metres high, held in position by over seventy kilometres of extra strong cables.

The roof is made of Teflon-covered fibreglass; in the centre of the Dome is an arena designed to be an open, adaptable theatre space.
With adequate inspection and maintenance, the main structure and roof can be expected to last for several decades.


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