RLDA, APDS Salon, New Delhi

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Indian architecture firm, RLDA recently completed a flagship beauty salon in an industrial building.

RLDA, APDS Salon, New Delhi

For the interior design of a beauty salon, the architects from RLDA studio in New Delhi selected the following materials: wood, steel, wool and mirrors, in a combination that can be defined as artisanal luxury and "industrial chic".

The architects had a large, rectangular reinforced concrete space of about 650 square metres to work with, an industrial space with exposed air-conditioning ducts and sprinkler systems. The salon is a combination of mezzanines and double height spaces, purpose built for the specific salon treatments .

The wool thread installations ? created with the collaboration of stage designer, Sumant Jayakrishnan ? and the immediately comprehensible graphic illustrations of the various treatments are part of the interior design. RLDA worked on every aspect of the project, including the furnishings and graphics to create a user experience where art and architecture converge.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Project: RLDA (principal architect) Rahoul Singh, Lakshmi Chand Singh (design team) Rahoul Singh, Lakshmi Chand Singh, Guneet Thakral
Location: New Delhi, India
Images courtesy of RLDA ph. Asif Khan


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