Riseria Monferrato S.p.a

Massimo Alzona,


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ventilated façades,

Client: Riseria Monferrato S.p.A.
Architect: Massimo Alzona
Construction date: 2003
Location: Villanova Monferrato (AL) - Italy
Project type: Ventilated wall

Riseria Monferrato S.p.a The project for the new administrative offices of Riseria Monferrato, by architect Massimo Alzona, is located in an industrial area with no particular architectural character, which is why the architect wanted to provide the area with a new landmark.
Situated at the southern tip of the industrial area, the new building offers an instantly recognisable focus, with lines that capture the spectator's attention by drawing on truly innovative imagery. The building skilfully makes use of the shades of light and dark that fall on the sinuous lines of its shape and its embracing curves.
This is more than just an item of architecture. The contribution of technique, materials and their applications to this project is evident.

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