Richard Rogers: Channel 4 television headquarters in London, 1991-1994

Richard Rogers,


Offices, Departments, Sport & Wellness,


Construction of daring, complex hi-tech buildings has become a typical feature of British architecture over the last fifty years: constant attention to detail is combined with continuing experimentation with new materials, focusing on the evolution of glass and steel.

Richard Rogers: Channel 4 television headquarters in London, 1991-1994 Sunshades of light metal are applied to the facades to act as noise barriers and regulate light and energy efficiency.
The two buildings are covered in aluminium, and seem to frame the entrance, characterised by a concave pane of glass; people enter a roomy, tall atrium through rotating doors.
The buildings are constructed in a classical arrangement around the garden, emphasising the alignment of the road in a set-up very similar to the urban recomposition plan proposed by IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung) for Berlin in the Eighties.

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