Ricardo Legorreta Arquitectos
Magna Solidaridad Library, Monterrey, Mexico, 1994

Monterrey, Mexico,

Sport & Wellness, Libraries, Landscape,

The International Style became common in Mexico as elsewhere in the post-war period, leaving behind the principal features of traditional architecture such as use of massive load-bearing walls and collected spaces.

Ricardo Legorreta Arquitectos<br> Magna Solidaridad Library, Monterrey, Mexico, 1994 Ricardo Legorreta attempted a return to the idea of the wall as an element defining space right from the start of his career, exalting the wall's material value and local significance with use of colour.
The Mexican architect, one of the greatest of his generation, dedicated his career to definition of the urban fabric with buildings which are invariably conceived as forms of the landscape.

He believes that a return to local roots and design is essential: his interpretation of Latin American culture is based on use of local colours and materials in a personalised interpretation of regional tradition. His master was none other than the great Barragán.
Legorreta uses colour to add life to plastered surfaces and create reflective screens of luminous energy which inundate his spaces with different hues.

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