Ricardo Bofill: Villa Cultural de Prado
Valladolid, under construction

Ricardo Bofill,


Auditorium, Art Center,

Glass, Steel,


In a few years the Regional Centre for the Performing Arts will be completed in the eastern part of the Spanish city of Valladolid: the Science Museum and Regional Assembly Buildings have been completed so far.

Ricardo Bofill: Villa Cultural de Prado<br> Valladolid, under construction The symphony orchestra auditorium is now Spain's biggest concert hall, as the country previously had no hall with a capacity of over 1700; construction of this hall is the final stage in the project, and the most delicate, as it involves completion of the interiors.
The latest techniques for measurement and regulation of sound are being used to guarantee excellent acoustics: sound waves should be propagated to every corner of the auditorium at exactly the same instant in time, so that reverberation will be between 1.8 and two seconds.
Ricardo Bofill's complex is one of the greatest expressions of the post-modern movement, emphasising the themes of light and space.
We might call it a challenge to current architectural trends, to the point that the architect himself has called his project a daring structure revealing a desire to renew the usual schemes of construction.

Floriana De Rosa



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