Restaurant Buonappetito!

W. Ferruccio Rovescalli,




Architects: W. Ferruccio Rovescalli, Baldo Battaglia
Location: Milan
Surface area: 800 m2

Restaurant Buonappetito! To create an intimate but lively atmosphere, the architects used warm colours with glossy surfaces: orange for the walls, brown for the pillars and floors.
The floors play a particularly important role in adding to the prestige of the restaurant with their polished translucent surfaces, where the effects of light blend with those of the light fixtures and spotlights set into the false ceilings. High-tech Dark Emperador marble from Ariostea, used in the 30x60 and 40x40 formats and the pre-polished and polished glossy finishes, was chosen for functional as well as aesthetic reasons.
Its high resistance to abrasion and tread makes this type of flooring ideal for places which are frequented by hundreds of people every day. The entire restaurant is given a strong character by use of this material, with its elegant aesthetic effects and high-tech appearance.

Laura Della Badia

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