Residential buildings in Milan

Giovanni Mistretta ,


Housing, Condos,



Location: Milan, Italy
Design: Arch. Giovanni Mistretta
Client: Attività Immobiliari Lariane, Eriac srl

Residential buildings in Milan The major limitation posed by the Pero project was the form of the land, which determined the building's design without compromising the aesthetic quality of the result. A central stairway serves four apartments on each of the building's two floors, optimising the use of space.
The architect's choices in terms of definition of form and colour ensure that the building fits into its urban setting, making a clear aesthetic improvement to its context.
Here too the choice of materials for the building's outer cladding was very important: the need for easy maintenance and long-lasting materials with a simple yet elegant image guided the architect's choice.
Man-made stone was used in place of plaster because of its superior resistance on an all-white building. Slabs of high tech Albino Light not only offer outstanding performance from this point of view but have an even white colour with fine veins of metallic grey which do not compromise the unity of the overall effect.
In both buildings, the choice of materials not only guaranteed easy maintenance and resistance to atmospheric agents but responded to the client's aesthetic requirements.

Laura Della Badia

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