Residential building

Giovanni Mistretta ,

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Project: Arch. Giovanni Mistretta
Project type: Residential building
Client: Immobiliare Paolo and Francesco Castelli
Applications: Finish for a façade
Laying: Two-coloured geometric composition
Materials High-tech stones reproduced in the factory using exclusive technologies.
Series: Pietre Naturali Ariostea, Green Quarzite and Pietra Piasentina
Finish: structured
Format: cm. 60x30, cm. 60x10
Technical properties and performance: resistance to frost and chemical aggression, lightfast colours, resistance to shocks and temperature excursions, almost no absorption coefficient resulting in stain resistance, easy installation (material is squared and calibrated, thickness is constant), homogeneity of the material throughout its entire thickness.

Residential building In a highly fragmented urban setting with no particularly significant buildings in the neighbourhood, architect Giovanni Mistretta aimed to elevate the architectural quality of the context with a plan which pays careful attention to formal, functional and performance considerations.
On the compositional level in particular, he made choices aimed at enhancing not only the building he was working on but also its surroundings.
The building occupies only a portion of the lot of land available, recovering precious space so as to provide a garden in the block.
The building's main facade is compact and severe, topped off by a tall cornice which juts out slightly and marked by narrow openings.

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