Renzo Piano presents Bologna auditorium

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Renzo Piano designed his new auditorium for the city of Bologna on the basis of an idea by Maestro Claudio Abbado.

Renzo Piano presents Bologna auditorium 
Renzo Piano presented his plans for a large 1800 seat auditorium for music to be built in the former “Manifattura delle arti” area.
It was Maestro Claudio Abbado who decided that Bologna needed a new auditorium; architect Renzo Piano designed it to be like a huge Stradivarius violin with near-perfect acoustics.
The building has a vertical volume and the public is positioned above and around the orchestra, a decision based on the consideration that music tends to expand upwards. The wood covering the walls of the hall further improves the acoustics. The decision whether or not to build the auditorium is up to the city?s future government.

by Agnese Bifulco

Design: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Atelier Traldi
Location: Bologna, Italy
Images: Renzo Piano Building Workshop



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