Renzo Piano: Maison Hermés

Renzo Piano,

Tokyo, Japan,

Shopping Centers, Skyscraper, Store,

Steel, Glass,

Tokyo, Japan 2001

Renzo Piano: Maison Hermés L'edificio della Maison Hermes si sviluppa con 6000 metri quadri di spazio commerciale, workshops, uffici, aree espositive e multimediali articolati in 15 piani lunghi 45 metri e larghi 11, con un giardino all'ultimo piano; la boutique, curata da Reena The Maison Hermès building contains 6000 square metres of commercial space, workshops, offices, exhibition areas and multimedia facilities on 15 floors measuring 45 metres long and 11 metres wide, topped by a roof garden. The boutique by Reena Dumas covers five floors, and one whole floor (the fifth) is occupied by a museum displaying historical items out of the Hermès iconographic tradition, set up by Hilton McConnico.

Visitor traffic is distributed outside, between the floors above ground and the three underground, through a plaza with an escalator for access to the subway station; the building's longest façade is divided in two by the escalator to the underground line. In a strong, noisy urban context where buildings seem to be simply frameworks supporting multi-coloured advertising signs, the discrete, decisive countenance of Maison Hermès' simple, elegant volume stands out, especially at night, when it responds to the chaotic visual and acoustic chaos that surround it by dressing in quiet, diffuse light evoking the arcane solemnity of a temple.

Rosy Strati

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