Renzo Piano and Tamassociati quality architecture in Entebbe, Uganda

TAMassociati, Renzo Piano, RPBW,

Entebbe, Uganda,



“Quality architecture for Emergency’s quality medical services”, is how Renzo Piano sums up the new paediatric centre in Entebbe, Uganda as construction of the project begins.

Renzo Piano and Tamassociati quality architecture in Entebbe, Uganda

On February 10 Gino Strada and Renzo Piano symbolically planted a tree with President Museveni of Uganda and health minister Jane Ruth Aceng and laid the first stone of the new Centre for excellence in paediatric surgery in Entebbe, Uganda. The paediatric centre designed for Emergency by Renzo Piano with Tamassociati will be an example of quality architecture, “a model of medical excellence, environmental sustainability, energy self-sufficiency and harmonious distribution of space”, according to Renzo Piano. It will provide top quality free medical treatment for children in Uganda and bordering countries, where the infant mortality rate is particularly high, and train local doctors and nurses.

The construction site donated by the government of Uganda is a green area sloping gently down to the shore of Lake Victoria 35 km from Kampala. The hospital will be built with the local “rammed earth” construction technique, using a raw earth mixture which will give the building sufficient thermal inertia to keep temperature and humidity constant inside. The new centre will be built with a great focus on environmental sustainability, with about 2600 photovoltaic panels donated by Enel Green Power installed on the hospital’s big flat roofs to provide all the energy the centre needs.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Tamassociati
Structural design: Milan ingegneria
Technical installations: Prisma engineering.

Location: Entebbe, Uganda

Images courtesy of RPBW © RPBW, photo © Emergency NGO Technical department