Renson Offices. Waregem (Belgium). Jo Crepain. 2002

Jo Crepain, Crepain Binst Architecture,


Offices, Companies,

Metal, Glass,


Linear, discrete yet effective: Jo Crepain's unique style is reflected yet again in his project for Renson, a company specialising in the production of ventilation and sun protection systems.

Renson Offices. Waregem (Belgium). Jo Crepain. 2002 Another result is strategic use of light, contributing to visual comfort and to the microclimate in the workspaces. A focus on the themes of sustainability and energy conservation is reflected in the solutions adopted in the construction of the new buildings incorporating Renson's ventilation and sun protection materials and technologies. This specific requirement on the part of the client translates into a building with the potential to become a landmark in architecture and energy management, featuring computerised ventilation and cooling systems installed on the roof and use of sunshades.
Glass is the key material in the project, along with such classic materials as cement for the pillars and aluminium cladding for the full parts. At night, the building's glass volumes reflect an iridescent image of the building, which stands out for its precision of design and unity of composition.

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