Renovation and restoration of Metropol theatre
1992-1995. Josep Llinàs

Josep Llinàs,




Renovation of a project which originated with the transformation of an existing building, by a number of different architects, is even more difficult than working on a project which is clearly the product of a single architect and therefore easier to read.

Renovation and restoration of Metropol theatre<br>Tarragona<br>1992-1995. Josep Llinàs The Spanish architect was guided in the renovation project by his respect for the existing building - in both the construction of new parts and work on parts which had been transformed so radically that no trace of Jujol's original spirit could be seen.
Here Llinas decided to do away with all the elements that had altered the original building in an attempt to get back to Jujol's original idea, with the aid of repetition of decorative elements centring on the theme of water.
The project went ahead despite indecision, difficult choices, models and the need for repeated checks of the few images available. It is a project that would have been impossible without the great humility and sensibility of Josep Llinas.

Anna Calvanese


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