Reform Plaza

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Location: Varsavia, Polonia
Designer: Vahap Toy

Reform Plaza The Reform Company Ltd. is a leading Turkish company in the trading and financial field. Their main investment sectors are jewellery (production and sales), clothing, footwear and, more recently, tourism.
In fact, the first hotel built by the holding dates from the 1990s: located in Istanbul, it is a luxury grand hotel, offering clients perfect hospitality combined with the characteristics of a high class shopping centre.

Present on the Polish market for over 20 years, Reform has recently (1999) built new offices in Warsaw, commissioning the design from the architect Vahap Toy.
The Reform Plaza is a 31-storey skyscraper (3 below and 28 above ground), for use as office space and as a shopping centre: 2 of the floors below ground are used for parking space, 6 levels (from the -1st floor to the 4th floor) have been assigned as shop space (a total of 110, including boutiques and jewellery stores), while on the 5th floor there are a number of bars and 5 restaurants, each one serving a separate renowned cuisine (Polish, French, Turkish, Vietnamese and only Fish): all told they take up an area of 1,000 m². The remaining 20 floors are taken up by offices.
The complex also has a floor for exhibitions and conferences and offers work for 1,500 people.
Most of the offices, shops and parking places are rented.

Given the importance and the visual impact of the project (the Reform Plaza has an average height of 112 m, but is as tall as 126 m at its highest point), the customer wanted a high class building, in which the quality of the materials and the care taken in laying them contributed to the creation of a new landmark on the urban sky-line of the Polish capital.
Externally, in fact, the Reform Plaza appears as a soaring and harmonious cylinder, almost a modern column, the volume of which is doubled and intersected by the slim parallelepiped built behind it.
At its base, another block, with a markedly horizontal form, "anchors" the main cylinder to the ground, providing access to the building.
The highly spectacular impact of the Reform Plaza is nevertheless due, not only to its size, but also to the materials used.
The predominant surface is glass - intensely blue in colour - and this is, in fact, contrasted by an elegant edging created in Bianco Statuario coloured porcelain stoneware ( NewMarmi Collection) made by the Italian company, GranitiFiandre, which was also used to face the low base building.
Both in daylight, in fact, and at night, the contrast between the reflecting but dark mirrored surface and the soft, compact porosity of the stoneware creates a pleasant visual antithesis, a kind of fascinating b/w image in which the Bianco Statuario, underling the profile of the building, seems to make it shine from a great distance also thanks to the natural elegance of it light colour, with an effect that allies this project to similar creations by the great master of Expressionist architecture, Erich Mendelssohn.

From the construction point of view, moreover, the Reform Plaza is also remarkable due to a technological record: it is, indeed, the tallest European application of porcelainised stoneware ventilated walls using the "concealed" system.

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