Reconstruction of the Roman Theatre in Sagunto, Spain, 1985-1993


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Giorgio Grassi¿s work reveals an extraordinary coherence between theory and practice of construction.

Reconstruction of the Roman Theatre in Sagunto, Spain, 1985-1993 The result is that here too the "ruins" appear, preferring an architectural solution which is incomplete but much more consistent with the other work performed.

The maximum height of the entire complex (including the stage and the tops of the wooden roofs over the proscenium) was determined on the basis of the elevation deduced from historical documentation referred to in the completion of the structure.
The work performed by Giorgio Grassi is continuous with the restorations of the past, for the aim of the project is a ?camouflaged? form of restoration which seems to focus on the ruin itself, or rather the image of the theatre in ruin, emphasising its picturesque appearance.

Floriana De Rosa

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