Rebel Architecture, the TV series on Al Jazeera English focusing on architecture

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Rebel Architecture – the series that TV broadcaster, Al Jazeera English has dedicated to architecture and architects right out of the star system loop. Precious proof of how important architecture can be in driving social change.

Rebel Architecture, the TV series on Al Jazeera English focusing on architecture

Rebel Architecture is the TV documentary series produced by broadcaster, Al Jazeera English dedicated to six different architects who use their work not just for iconic buildings and spectacular towers, but who embrace the causes of the weak, who defend the environment and who seek to improve the lives of the underprivileged majority. In other words, they believe that architecture can become a driver of social change.
The six very different architects are united by a common goal: to design for the people who live in the spaces.

Starting with “Guerrilla Architect” which is about self-built constructions in Cigureda, Spain; then “A Traditional Future”, hich showcases the work of Pakistani architect, Yasmeen Lari. “The Architecture of Violence” deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where architecture plays a key role as an instrument of war, as Eyla Weizman says; while “Greening the City” explores the work of Vietnamese designer, Vo Trong Nghia. Then “Reality Bites” shows the work of Kunlé Adeyemi in Nigeria, where the architect is known for his design of the “Makoko Floating School”.

The series will conclude with “The Pedreiro and Master Planner”, which profiles architect Luis Carlos Toledo and informal builder Ricardo de Oliveira as they struggle to improve the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. 
All the docu-films in the “Rebel Architecture” series can also be seen on the YouTube channel of Al Jazeera English. A great opportunity to get some real insight into the world of “rebel” architecture.

(Christiane Bürklein)

Dedicated website:  http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/rebelarchitecture/

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