Ray and Maria Stata Center. Frank O. Gehry. Boston. 2004

Frank Gehry,

Boston, USA,


Metal, Cement,

Sharp forms, angular structures, parallelepipeds suspended in the void, geometries that seem to challenge the force of gravity: this is the new Ray and Maria Stata Center, a building designed by Frank O. Gehry for MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston.

Ray and Maria Stata Center. Frank O. Gehry. Boston. 2004 Gehry's design solution reflects what is going on inside the building and represents the function of the space on the outside.
The Stata Center for Computer, Information and Intelligence Studies is in fact a place of research and study, where different disciplines come together and overlap, often blurring the boundaries, just like the big "metal boxes" that make up the new building.
After the enclosing, rounded forms of theBilbao Museum, here Gehry's imagination takes him in an entirely different direction: toward broken lines and intentionally asymmetrical solutions. This architecture with its daring forms seems to induce a blend of amazement and curiosity in the onlooker, who is inevitably led to wonder what the reasons are for such an astounding structure and is left enchanted by its unconventional interpretation of the concept of harmony.

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