Ravenna Wharf,
Antonio Citterio

Antonio Citterio,


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An artificial dune of wood, a scroll of white glass reinforced plastic, a large space with benches, a bar and kiosks: Antonio Citterio designed the new Guardiano Wharf in Marina di Ravenna to revitalise the whole area.

Ravenna Wharf,<br> Antonio Citterio The main goal of the project was promoting social life on the wharf and making it an important part of the city architecturally as well.
People can sunbathe, read, relax or watch a show on the wooden dune; the scroll with its fluid lines will offer a new point for looking toward the horizon, a sort of wind-blown sail.

The futuristic creation has a strong visual presence despite its abstract form, artificial yet similar to the sinuous lines of the sea around it. The wooden structure also reinforces its link with nature in its simple, durable material. Thus the wharf is transformed into a stage, not only looking out toward the sea, but for events organised in the port area. Especially in the southern area, paved with roadbed concrete, the presence of kiosks, platform roofs and nightspots offers numerous opportunities for public life on the coast.
One of the particular features of Citterio?s solution is that it is made up of only a few essential elements, integrated perfectly into the natural environment.

The proposal won the competition held by the Ravenna Port Authority for projects for redevelopment of coastal areas in Marina di Ravenna and Porto Corsini.

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