Raimund Abraham
Bank in Lienz, Austria, 1993-1996

Banks, Sport & Wellness,

After completing the design project for the Austrian Cultural Institute in New York (on which building has been suspended), Abraham has been devoting himself to other lower-key work, like, for example, the headquarters of a bank in Lienz.

Raimund Abraham<br> Bank in Lienz, Austria, 1993-1996 There are no typically residential elements in the vast blank white plaster-coated facade , which rises in stark contrast with the coloured facades of the adjacent buildings: these, in fact, were rebuilt exactly as they had been after the original buildings were destroyed during the World War II bombing raids.
In this context, the bank stands out not only as a civic monument, but also as a linearly rigid anti-facade, contrasting with the adjacent buildings.

The interior layout and decor is marked by harshness and precision, treated in depth as a relatively low space, upon which symmetrical and asymmetrical mezzanines, respectively on the second and third floors, are superimposed.
While the first space houses individual and group offices in the overall four-floored volume of the building, the other space takes the form of a symmetrical bridge descending along the backbone of the structure.


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