Private Residence

Angelo Laudati,



Location: Posillipo, Naples
Architect: Angelo Laudati
Project date: March 2001 - June 2001
Construction date: July 2001 - July 2002
Client: Pasquale Ciaramella

Private Residence These are materials from the Pietre High Tech collection produced by Ariostea, of the "structured surface" type featuring not only outstanding resistance to temperature excursions and to spot and incidental loads, but high non-slip coefficients: Pietra Gialla (R11), Madras (R10) and Green Quarzite (R10).
Their natural look, the brightness and energy of the colours, and the expressiveness of the veins running through them make these materials perfect for use both inside the home and in the garden.
The home in Naples demonstrates this. Its elegant architecture in the dramatic setting of the Neapolitan landscape proudly declares its harmony with the environment, using materials in colours that blend into those of the landscape around it.

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