Private House, Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan,

Housing, Apartment,



Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Architect: Liu Tong Yu
Total Area: 160 mq

Private House, Taipei The private home in Taipei is a space that extends mainly lengthwise over a total area of 160 m2 without special views or openings to the outside.
The architect was faced with a very intimate space, though not at all small, which was also introverted and potentially poorly lit. The conceptual idea at the basis of the design choices was to return substantial light and opening to the private home through the careful choice of finishing material and the design objects that furnish the apartment.
Perception of the boundaries of the large room is tricked by an unusual treatment of the walls; panels in fine light-colored wood are detached from the wall just enough to create a shadow and resulting depth; the wardrobes are not objects put against a wall, but an integral part of a wall that changes its formation.
Achieving more such effects, the ceiling is detached to let the light flow behind it or is recessed to increase the sense of breadth. Yet, the serenity conveyed by this architecture comes mainly from the very light colours and the play of reflection of light on the polished finish of the floor.
The use of Michelangelo Statuario Levigato, from the New Marmi series by GranitiFiandre succeeds in multiplying the dimensions and luminosity of the space, generating a sense of peace reminiscent of the gentle flow of a river.
The furnishing objects were carefully selected from the finest design collections, populating the apartment like floating entities in a quiet atmosphere. No order is predefined. Nothing is stuck. The hand of the architect does not condition the features of the house; it suggests infinite possibilities of new perspective in keeping with the changing desires of its inhabitants.

Lara Tonnicchi

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