Princi Bakery. Claudio Silvestrin. Milan. 2006

Claudio Silvestrin,




Compositional severity, elegant minimalism, use of essential colours and materials: Claudio Silvestrin designed the Princi bakery near the cathedral of Milano as a place which not only clearly shows us what baking is all about, but represents the symbolic values linked with bread as the chief source of our sustenance.

Princi Bakery. Claudio Silvestrin. Milan. 2006 The bakery space, which is longer than it is wide, has two windows on Via Speronari, and is divided into three areas inside for product display, sale and preparation - something that is not normally in public view. Bread-making, baking and sales all take place in a single environment, making the bakery a fascinating laboratory and showroom.
But what makes visiting this particular bakery really surprising and pleasant is the way it is designed, with careful attention to every detail and every compositional choice, as in all Claudio Silvestrin's work.

Linearity and geometric rhythm form a space with well-defined lines in which porphyry and bronze are the key materials. The floor slabs are made of porphyry, as are the walls in the showroom and the finish of the wall by the cash register, where the surface slopes gently downward. Parallelepipeds of rough porphyry and a smooth polished slab create a counter where people can stop for a quick snack. The 16 metre long counter is made of a bronze, monolithic and minimalist in design. The bakery is characterised by a few episodes of great symbolic value: the low parallelepipeds with their rough texture in the cash desk area; a series of niches in the adjacent wall, each containing a square candle; a film of water flowing over the porphyry slabs of one of the walls.

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