President Tennis Club

Chierici and Capanna,

Parma, Italy,

Sport & Wellness,


Location: Parma, Italy
Client: President Tennis Club
Architects: Studio tecnico associato Chierici e Capanna
Type of work: Renovated
Flooring: GranitiFiandre
Project type: Flooring and special interior work for a public building

President Tennis Club President Tennis Club, a well-known private club in the province of Parma,was recently renovated by associates Chierici and Capanna.
GranitiFiandre, leading manufacturers of technical porcelains for architectural applications, collaborated on the project, providing flooring for the club house hall and recreation rooms.
The spacious main hall features an original combination of the classical and the modern, with majestic columns standing alongside furnishings with pared-down lines, marble surfaces contrasting with steel in the spiral staircase and truss structure that support the ceiling.
Contrasts between the warm hues of surfaces and furnishings and the cold light radiated by spotlights dotting the ceiling accentuate the bright hall, lit up by large windows overlooking the patio and gardens.

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