Powerhouse Company Villa CG The most beautiful house on the street

Powerhouse Company,

Ossip van Duivenbode,

"The most beautiful house on the street" was what the client asked the architects of Powerhouse Company to make, and the result was Villa CG, a single-family home completed recently in Enschede, a Dutch town near the German border.

Powerhouse Company Villa CG The most beautiful house on the street

It’s not unusual for an architectural practice to get a request like this, but it was not an easy job for Powerhouse Company. Villa CG, the house completed recently in Enschede (the Netherlands) is located in Museumlaan, a street famous for its buildings by renowned Dutch and international architects, including SeARCH, Erick van Egeraat and Bolles+Wilson.

Powerhouse Company designed a home on two levels in which the horizontal dimension prevails. A low hedge surrounds the property, helping to establish balance in the volumes in the composition. From the street, the house looks like a brick cube with a single opening, the front door. The dark, solid volume supports a big overhanging roof. The long horizontal “line” lightens up the volume and becomes the roof over two clear blocks at either end of the ground floor: the study and the kitchen/dining room. On the opposite side, large windows establish a symbiosis between the bedrooms and the garden. The walls around the cube become wooden cabinets dividing the spaces in the home, defining their functions and allowing us to continue to understand the organisation of the building’s volumes even from the inside.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Powerhouse Company
Location: Enschede, the Netherlands

Images courtesy of Powerhouse Company, photo by Ossip van Duivenbode