Posto 1. Studio Uda. Turin. 2003

UDA Studio,



Associating rapid service with a refined atmosphere that is elegant down to the tiniest detail: this is the concept behind a new international restaurant chain developed in Turin by the young studio UDA, already known for its Levis home and Ilti Luce, selected for the Cosenza Awards in 2000 and 2002.

Posto 1. Studio Uda. Turin. 2003 The decision to divide up the interior into more spaces permitted use of all the available surface area, adapting it to different specific functions so that they remain independent but connected.
Another feature of the project: use of innovative technologies, also capable of creating added value in terms of efficiency, functionality and originality.
For example, the glass "CUBE" of the toilets contains the black corian 'boxes' attached to the wall: when you put your hands inside one of the boxes, photocell is triggered and your hands are automatically soaped up, washed and dried.
Visitors get the feeling they are in an environment which has been carefully designed in terms of sensorial perceptions, where the effect of estrangement is associated, by contrast, with a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Laura Della Badia

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