Police Station

Sicily, Genoa,

Offices, Sport & Wellness, Factories, Companies,

Marble, Green,

Location: Via Marina di Robilant 4, 16100 Genova, Italy
Client: Polizia di Stato
Project date: 2001
Project: Arch. Anna Maria Pinasco
Description: Offices
Application: Flooring
Total Area: 900 mq

Police Station Public services are located on the ground floor, organised so as to ensure maximum convenience for both employees and the public: a large entrance hall leads to the work area through a corridor affording access to offices, washrooms, the photocopy area and the stairway and lift.
The architect has added lustre to this public part of the building by replacing the old two-toned marble floor with more modern, elegant flooring made of man made marble.
The strength and construction properties of this material, produced by Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti of Italy, permitted the tiles to be glued directly over the existing floor, which had been appropriately treated and levelled off.
The entrance hall and corridor feature splendid two-toned geometric designs formed of 30x30 tiles of Perlato di Sicilia with a pearly beige colour featuring fine veins in a slightly darker hue and Verde Guatemala in a dark green hue with strong veins of a lighter shade blending into white.
The colour scheme created by these two materials, both with a pre-dressed surface, is highly successful and perfectly matches the original finishes in the historic building.
The building's first and second floors, destined for office space and special services, are practically and flexibly organised.
The architect has responded to the needs of the police force by defining the spaces on the two floors with mobile blind dividing walls between offices, partially made of glass between the offices and the hallway, which is thus naturally lit.
The adaptable nature of the office space led to the decision to floor the entire area in the same material, diagonally positioned 30x30 tiles of Perlato di Sicilia: splendid flooring in a single homogeneous shade lit up by lighter veins which help brighten up the work areas.

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