Plaza Cumbres Shopping Centre

Marco Suberville ,

Monterrey, Mexico,

Shopping Centers,

Location: Monterrey, Estado del Nuevo León - Mexico
Opening date: June 15 2005
Owner: Viber SA, a Lamosa Group company
Total surface area: 75,000 m2
Architect: Marco Suberville
Floor surface: 13,000 m2

Plaza Cumbres Shopping Centre The shopping centre has more than 100 shops offering every possible kind of merchandise, as well as dining and leisure facilities, in a complex with a lively atmosphere and a comfortable feel.The architect allows light to filter through large windows on the roof and underlines this luminosity with his choice of materials for tiling and finishes.
Floors are made of technical ceramic marble and granite: Crema Marfil Select, Multicolor Red and Nero Marquinia from Irisfmg, all with a polished finish.
Technical ceramic slabs follow the organisation of space in the malls and welcoming "plazas" in the shopping centre, creating bold geometric designs emphasised by the choice of colours. The warm beige of Crema Marfil Select, with its subtle veins, prevails in the shopping centre, contrasting with Nero Marquinia with white speckles and Multicolor Red, enlivened by irregular shades of grey and black.
The materials were chosen not only for their aesthetic qualities but because of the performance they have demonstrated in the past in shopping centres and in Suberville's other projects, such as Liverpool Shopping Centre in Cuernavaca, now under construction, offering excellent resistance to tread and abrasion to meet the needs of places frequented by hundreds of people every day.

Laura Della Badia

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