Pierre Hebbelinck: Insurance Agency, Belgium


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Policy for re-launching the insurance firm P&V in Belgium centres around creation of a recognisable image, not only using the company's logo, but by maintaining the same style in all its branches.

Pierre Hebbelinck: Insurance Agency, Belgium The programme laid down by town planning regulations imposed limitations in addition to the insurance firm's requirements; after presentation of four successive variants, the local authorities accepted the original project, which offered a consistent response to a number of different needs.
The composition of space is achieved with a sequence of parallel planes which, by lending rhythm to the rooms, accentuate depth without diminishing perception of internal volumetrics. The concept of gravity is overturned in the facade facing onto the road: its upper part is completely closed (covered with slabs of blue stone) while its lower part is glassed in.
The transition is achieved by offset parallel planes announcing the building's internal layout; street level is perceived, but not other buildings. The most complex part of the project is its longitudinal section, conceived as a sequence of overlapping "boxes" whose shadows shelter the lower levels.

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