Piazza Anzio


School, Sport & Wellness, Theater, Ville, Factories,

Location: Anzio, Roma - Italy
Materials: GranitiFiandre
Client: Comune di Anzio
Project type: Flooring and Special Work for Outdoor Public Space

Piazza Anzio This area is paved with materials from GranitiFiandre: Aveiro and Agata from the Graniti series, artistically cut with a high pressure water jet to form a design consisting of human figures holding hands and "dancing" around the world.The globe represented in the centre of the amphitheatre floor is made of materials from the New Marmi series: Ambrè, Iria, Rubin and Kimura.
The design clearly represents hopes of love, peace, and happiness and is intended to represent the sentiments and motivations of the people behind the project, and their intention to improve quality of life in the neighbourhood in memory of a loved one who believed in these values.

A parking lot flanks the side of the road, and set back from the road is a fountain with three concentric pools of different heights culminating in a cylinder composed of layers of travertine rings of different sizes topped by elements of steel projecting upwards: a beautiful fountain even when the water is turned off.
Unpaved areas are covered with grass.
Species native to the area were used, especially around the outside of the amphitheatre to form its green crown.

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