Petronas Towers. Cesar Pelli & Associates. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). 1999

Cesar Pelli & Associates,

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia),

Offices, Skyscraper,

Steel, Glass,

Named after the oil company that had them built, they have become the symbol of the economic development of Malaysia: the Petronas Towers are two identical skyscrapers, 452 metres high, with a total surface area of around 340 thousand square metres.

Petronas Towers. Cesar Pelli & Associates. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). 1999 The two buildings form the heart of the Kuala Lumpur City Center, standing in the centre of the Malayan capital, and housing offices, services and shopping centres. Designed by the Argentine architect Cesar Pelli, the two buildings are distinguished by the use of cutting edge technologies, applied to a design that draws on symbology and Islamic tradition.
In fact, the footprint of each tower is made up of two squares (symbol of the material world), placed one on top of the other and rotated to form an 8-pointed star, inscribed within a perfect circle (symbol of the spread of Islam throughout the world). A composition, therefore, that in Islamic iconography means harmony within rationality.
Semicircles have been inserted between one point and the next to increase the space available inside. As they rise upwards, on 88 floors, the two towers taper to form conical spires, 73,4 metres tall.

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