Peter Zumthor, 2011 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London

Peter Zumthor,


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The new Serpentine Gallery Pavilion designed by architect Peter Zumthor won the Pritzker Prize for Architecture in 2009. The pavilion will be open to the public until October 16 2011.

Peter Zumthor, 2011 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London
The 2011 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion designed by Peter Zumthor is open to the public from July 1 until October 16 2011.
The theme chosen by the Swiss architect is l'hortus conclusus.
Zumthor has designed a place for contemplation, building an evocative structure that invites visitors to reflect and offers an evocative route preparing them to discover the inner garden designed for the purpose by Dutch designer Piet Oudolf.
The architectural solutions adopted and the materials chosen underline the spiritual dimension of the place.
As in previous projects such as the Vals spa, the architect works with a simple, precise composition and light strikes the structures through measured, controlled openings, underlining the sensorial aspects of the materials and the spiritual aspects of the architecture.

Design: Peter Zumthor, Piet Oudolf
Location: London, UK
Illustrations: Peter Zumthor, John Offenbach, Walter Herfst, Gerry Ebner


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