Peter Pan nursery
Platania Architetti. Venezia Mestre, 2004

Platania architects,

Venice, Italy,


Peter Pan nursery in Mestre, Venice is a bright, colourful island of happiness where children play and even adults are tempted to join in and immerse themselves in the playful, fairy tale-like atmosphere created by this fresh, lively form of architecture. The nursery was designed by Roberto Platania as part of a City of Venice project to set aside an area in the Cipressina district as a school campus for three levels of instruction.

Peter Pan nursery<br>Platania Architetti. Venezia Mestre, 2004 The nursery for 35 children is a softened, sweetened, padded world, a place where children are encouraged to interact with the space around them.
This nursery is not just a container for toys and for children "parked" there for the day, but a scenario designed to get even the smallest children involved in discovering possible forms of dialogue with their environment. The building's architecture promotes, encourages and triggers infants' natural predisposition for exploration.
In other words, architecture itself becomes a game.
The nursery, on a single level above ground, is located in a garden, resting on a lawn that allows this playful world to extend into the open air in good weather. It has that reassuring look of the houses children draw.
A gable roof, colourful walls, a garden all around... the building is perfectly recognisable and makes children feel right at home. An important feature for the smallest infants, offering reassurance as they learn to get to know the new place that is the nursery.

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