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Julia Bolles was born in 1948 in Münster, Germany, and graduated from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 1976. She then completed her studies at the Architectural Association School of Architecture - AA.
From 1996 to 2014, she was a professor at the Münster School of Architecture. A member of the Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung (DASL) and of the Design Council of Salzburg, she has been dean of the Münster School of Architecture since 2008.

She has participated in conferences all over the world and has sat on the jury of countless competitions, such as the one for the new Cologne-Deutz station and exhibition center.
Born in Melbourne, Peter Wilson (1950) studied architecture at his hometown university and, in 1972, continued his studies at the AA School of Architecture in London, where he met Julia Bolles.
He has taught at several universities as a visiting professor: at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin (1994-1996), at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland, (2006-2008) and at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (2013-2014).

He has sat on the jury of countless architecture competitions, such as the competition for the new Arts Center in Maribor, Slovenia, and for the Velodrome of Medellín in Colombia.
In 2019, he received an honorary degree from the University of Melbourne; like Julia Bolles, he has been an International Fellow of the RIBA since 2014.
Although the two architects originally began working together in London in the 1970s, it was not until 1980 that their collaboration became official in the British capital, and then in Münster in 1989. The company became well-known also for its creativity expressed through freehand drawing and painting.

The firm’s projects, widely published and recognized with numerous awards, range from the design of offices to cultural facilities and shops, in search of a formal style that translates the building’s functional and typological requirements into creative invention.
Over the decades, it has tackled projects all over the world, in Europe, Lebanon, Japan, Korea and Australia, where it has established close and important relationships with local collaborators and consultants. The firm’s projects in the Münsterland area are noteworthy and continuous.

Its research and poetics have evolved over the years, “starting with the first small-scale installations in London and Japan, through to major urban projects in Germany and the Netherlands: the Münster library, the WLV office building, the headquarters of the North Bank LB in Magdeburg, the new Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam (....), the masterplan for Falkenried/Hamburg (German Urban Planning Award, 2004, ed.), the municipality of Willich and the headquarters of the real estate company 'Wohn+Stadtbau' in Münster” (monograph Bolles+Wilson, Electa 2004, edited by A. Germano).
One of the most important recent projects is the reconversion of the former church of St. Sebastian in Münster, a religious building dating back to 1962, which was first converted into a nursery school (phase 1, 2013) and then extended to accommodate housing units (phase 2, 2016).

The firm won the tender by submitting a proposal in which it envisaged “not to demolish the building, which had an elliptical plan of a certain value, a distinguishing urban landmark in the district that was quite popular with the locals, but to save its general layout by converting the interior to accommodate the kindergarten” (M. Corradi).

By avoiding demolition, and thus reducing overall costs, this urban regeneration project has become a great example of creativity, social ethics and functionality.
During the next phase in 2016, the project was completed by building a group of houses that act as a perimeter to the kindergarten, “protecting it from a noisy street while delimiting the adjacent park”.

In 2017, the project was awarded the North Rhine-Westphalia Regional Prize for Architecture, Housing and Urban Development and an honourable mention at the BDA Münster-Münsterland Best Building.
The firm has won other awards, including a gold medal from the Australian Institute of Architects in 2013, the International Architecture Award 2012, the President's Prize 2009 from the Australian Institute of Architects, and the Urbanism Award 2007.
Bolles+Wilson selected works and projects
- Edificio aministrativo e centro servizi BP Lingen "Lighthouse Project", Lingen (Germania), 2019
- Biblioteca Nazionale, Lussemburgo, 2019
- Ricostruzione Teatro Andon Zako Çajupi, Coriza (Albania), 2017
- Riconversione dell'ex Chiesa di San Sebastiano in giardino d'infanzia (fase 1, 2013) e successivo complesso residenziale (fase 2, 2016), Münster (Germania)
- Cinnamon Tower, Amburgo (Germania), 2015
- Abitazione privata House P, Münster (Germania), 2013
- Masterplan Talmalaan e Snaketower, Utrecht (Olanda), 2012
- Raakspoort City Hall + Bioscoop, Haarlem (Olanda), 2011
- Spuimarkt Block, L’Aia (Olanda), 2008
. Due edifici per uffici nella zona portuale, Münster (Germania), 2006
- Kaldewei kompetenz center, Ahlen (Germania), 2005
- Edificio per uffici Wohn+Stadtbau, Münster (Germania), 2004
- Falkenried Urban Quartier, Amburgo (Germania), 2004
- Teatro Luxor, Rotterdam (Olanda), 2001
- Water purification plant, Münster (Germania), 2001
- Brick centre, Hengelo (Olanda), 1998
- Edificio per uffici WLV, Münster (Germania), 1995
- Biblioteca comunale, Münster (Germania), 1993
- Suzuki house, Tokyo (Giappone), 1993
- Istituto scolastico Kita 102, Francoforte (Germania), 1992 e successivo ampliamento, 2014
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