Peter Eisenman: Aronoff Center for Design and Art

Peter Eisenman,

Exhibition halls, Theater, University, Sport & Wellness, Libraries,


In 1988 Eisenman completed his plans for expansion of Cincinnati's Aronoff Center, attempting to respond to two requirements: reorganisation of space in the faculty and construction of additional facilities (libraries, exhibition halls, theatres and so on).

Peter Eisenman: Aronoff Center for Design and Art This long climb, beginning below ground level and ending at it, produces a curious effect: the conventional notion of rising and lowering gives way to a kinetic experience, allowing us to experience "the continuity of rising and descending in the depths of the structure".

The construction's concealed, unforeseeable nature gives one the impression of being in a cave; the delicate colours used both inside and out refer to rococo colour schemes but also allude to the darker regions of the imagination.

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