Peace Center

Massimiliano Fuksas,


A huge parallelepiped formed by stratification of irregular layers of glass and cement: the Peres Center for Peace was built by architect Massimiliano Fuksas, commissioned by Shimon Peres as a real rather than a virtual place dedicated to peace.

Peace Center The ceremony of the laying of the cornerstone was held in Yaffa, Israel last September.
The plans had already been presented to the public at the 2000 Venice Biennial, where a 7 metre high model of the building served as a visitor reception centre.
The basic idea underlying Fuksas's project is stratification, viewed as the alternating "matter" of places that have suffered, but also as a construction capable of representing the vicissitudes of time. This is the reason for the choice of cement as construction material: it is made up of alternating, overlapping layers of sands and inert materials.

The aim was to create a space and a dimension capable of conveying fullness and serenity.
A stone base raises the building above the meeting place, accessed via two long stairways to a resting place whose height and flow of light from above create a positive atmosphere favourable to communication and encounter.


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