Paul Andreu. Osaka Maritime Museum. 2001

Paul Andreu,

Osaka, Japan,


Glass, Steel,

The works of Paul Andreu, a Parisian architect known primarily for his mega-projects - airports, theatres and stadiums - combine the latest in advanced technology with thorough understanding of the spirit of the place.

Paul Andreu. Osaka Maritime Museum. 2001 Its lines are pure and simple, in harmony with the spirit of Japanese tradition, but the most interesting thing about the structure is its closed form. This and its position on the water create a strong urge in us to go inside and see what it is like.
It took three years to complete this particularly complex and delicate construction project. One problem was choosing a type of glass that would shelter the building from the heat while at the same time meeting Osaka's strict earthquake standards.

Paul Andreu's goal was to create a floating dome set apart from the rest of the city that would shine in the dark of night. And that is exactly what he has created: the structure is dark by day, but creates a dematerialised image of itself at night.

Laura Della Badia


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