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Public library in Newton, Canada

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Newton is a low-density population area located on the eastern outskirts of Vancouver, with buildings constructed in the shade of a centuries-old forest.

Patkau Architects<br> Public library in Newton, Canada The architectural project is part of the core of a process of stratification, an extra level upon which the site is used.
In this library, discovery of the surroundings and inventing new ways of occupying them have led not only to redefinition of the very idea of the building, but rethinking of the its type of structure and consequently of the building methods used.

When setting out the plans for the Newton Library, the institutional function of the building did not prevent the architects from devising an informal structure, which encourages people to drop in and read, as well as providing a facility where information can be exchanged between users.
The siting of the main body of the building is in itself an explicit premise to one of the key characteristics of the project: permeability.

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